Instruction for skin care after treatment with PigmentOff-Remover

Please note: 50% of the treatment success depends on the following care instructions. Your participation is not only desirable, but absolutely necessary! In case of non-observance, inflammation and scarring may occur, as well as slowed healing.


  • protect the treated area from dust and dirt,
  • refrain of drinking alcohol and taking drugs,
  • avoid contact with clothing / textile,
  • when the lymph is exhausted, regularly dab the treated areas with a damp cotton pad. Do not rub!
  • slight redness in the first few days after treatment is normal, don’t be concerned about it.
  • after the removal treatment on the lips it can possibly lead to a herpes outbreak. If you are prone to herpes, appropriate precautionary measures should be taken.


  • if the treated skin area is swollen (especially in the morning), we recommend to take decongestants (such as Arnica D12 globulis) and to drink nettle tea;
  • the treated area must be kept dry until the crust peels off; as less contact with water as possible during this time;
  • until the crust has fallen off, do not apply masking sticks, make-up cosmetics, powder or similar to the treated area; otherwise, it can lead to massive inflammation;
  • do not use any healing ointments or creams. Apply only SkinRepair Gel 2-3 times a day (preferably with a clean cotton stick).
  • please refrain from swimming, bathing, sunbath, solarium, sauna or facials with steam for 14 days after the treatment;
  • don’t pick or peel off the scab prematurely, it must peel off for itself; don’t let it get soft because of moisture or excessive sweating. Don’t rub it.


  • please use exclusively the care products received from us, as these are specially adapted to the special features of the removal treatment.
  • apply Skin Saver Cream 2-6 times a day, and if needed, work in the ScarFree Gel 2 times a day.
  • do not do any peelings / dermabrasion / massages / whitening treatments in the area of removal.
  • after the scab falls off, the skin is often reddish. This redness is a companion to the regeneration process and is completely normal. It changes into normal skin color within some weeks. In this phase, it is important to continue using the Skin Saver Cream to support skin renewal.
  • 4-6 weeks must pass before the next treatment.