Where and how is PigmentOff Remover made?

We are often asked, where and in what conditions our PigmentOff remover is manufactured. This question is wise, as nowadays there is a real chaos and mess in the industry of permanent makeup, and when buying working materials, it is necessary to keep your eyes open!

Some irresponsible and unprofessional sellers and masters offer to sell tattoo mixes from the components of doubtful provenance, which are mixed, literally, in the kitchen. The desire to profit in a rapidly growing and developing market surpasses a sense of responsibility to colleagues and customers.

The cases of forgery of certificates and laboratory analyzes become more and more frequent.

Recently, not only pigments, but also removers of questionable origin began to appear. As a rule, they are mixed from cheap raw materials imported from China, not subjected to research, not registered and without any certification.

But stop discussing sad things! We from BeautyCase Cosmetics Ltd. are confident to choose the other way! Our remover and its accompanying products are produced on a professional basis and regularly pass necessary laboratory tests and analyzes.

We chose one of the most famous German enterprises for our laboratory. It is BAV Institute in Offenburg, which has existed for 20 years, and is developing together with the leading technologies.

Here monthly 7-8,000 cosmetic and pharmaceutical products are being analyzed. Maringa has entrusted the control of its products to these professionals, who we are bound by a strong contractual relationship with.

Our products are manufactured in Germany, not far from the head office of PigmentOff, which greatly facilitates the coordination of production processes and control over them.

That`s the only way for us to imagine a prudent production.

We guarantee our partners and colleagues that our products comply with all European norms and standards. We guarantee our customers that our products are absolutely safe for health and fulfill all hygienic and microbiological requirements. Reliable, safe and flawless production is a long, complex and expensive process. At the same time, it is incredibly interesting and exciting, gives the opportunity to grow and develop, to become even better and exceed customer expectations.

We are not looking for cheap solutions for short-term success. We rely on stability and the good old quality “Made in Germany”.