Official coaches for PigmentOff-Removal

Our coaches have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in removing pigments with PigmentOff Remover. Please contact a trainer you trust to learn the correct way to work and receive valuable tips.

Maria Prieb, trainer, PMU-artist and legal expert for permanent make-up and its removal

Name: Maria Prieb (born Galaburda)
Position: trainer / coach for Permanent MakeUp & its removal with Pigment-Off-Remover
(experience with different removers since 2014)
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
Languages: German, Russian, English
Distribution territory: Germany

Maria Prieb is an international certified PMU trainer & expert, as well as a specialist for removal of permanent make-up anf tattoos with Pigment-Off-Remover. Her main focus is pigmentation after removal, accidents and operations, camouflage, correction of failed permanent make-up, removal of microblading pigments.

Barbara Grajewski, trainer for permanent make-up & PigmentOff-remover

Name: Barbara Grajewski
Position: international trainer for permanent make-up & tattoo removal
Location: Ingolstadt, Germany
Languages: German, Polish
Distribution territory: Poland, Bayern / Germany.

Barbara Grajewski is a well experiensed PMU artist and trainer and great professional for removal of Permanent Make Up, Microblading & tattooing.
She is an exclusive trainer and distributor for Pigment-Off-remover products in Poland and Bayern / Germany.

Tatjana Müller, trainer for permanent make-up & PigmentOff-Remover

Name: Tatjana Müller
 trainer for Permanent Make-up and its removal
Location: Balingen, Germany (near Stuttgart)
Languages: German, Russian
Distribution territory: Baden-Württemberg, Germany & Switzerland

Tatjana Müller is a PMU artist and professional for removal of Permanent Make Up and Microblading.
She is an exclusive trainer and distributor for Pigment-Off-Remover products in Baden-Württemberg, Germany and Switzerland.

Milena Klimenko, trainer for PigmentOff-Removal of permanent make-up & microblading

Name: Milena Klimenko
Position:  trainer for removal PMU and microblading with Pigment-Off-Remover
Location: Rome, Italy
Languages: Italian, Russian
Distribution territory: Italy

Zehra Çakici is an experienced professional for removal of Permanent Make Up and Microblading.
She is an exclusive trainer and distributor for Pigment-Off-Remover products in Italy.

Melinda Gáspár, trainer for permanent make-up & PigmentOff-removal

Name: Melinda Gáspár
Position:  trainer for permanent make-up & Pigment-Off-removal
Location: Hungary
Languages: Hungarian, English
Distribution territory: Hungary

Melinda Gáspár is a great PMU artist and trainer as well as a very experienced specialist for removal of permanent make-up and microblading with Pigment-Off-remover.

She is the official and exclusive trainer and distributor of Pigment Off Remover for Hungary.

Anna Leitmann, manager of the BeautyCase Cosmetics GmbH

Name: Anna Leitmann
Position: manager for Pigment-Off products
Location: Germany
Languages: German, Russian

Anna Leitmann has been a manager in our company since 2019. She is very familiar with pigment-off products and removal technology, gives advice and organizes our live training courses in Germany.