PigmentOff-remover 2.0-video course:
content and costs

What do I learn?

Removal of permanent make-up / microblading / small tattoos with PigmentOff®-Remover.
The removal of pigments of all kinds is done without laser, salt and acids. And without scarring. All colour tones can be removed without any problems (also green, yellow, orange and skin tones).

How do I learn?

Learn wherever and whenever you want! No fixed training dates: You decide when you want to go through the lessons, they are on our –> Online-Lernplattform and can be accessed from anywhere in the world – via any browser or the free learning app “Coachannel”.

How can I book?

This training is for Permanent Make-up, Microblading & Tattoo Artists only; basic training and work experience are essential to attend the training. The PigmentOff-Remover is not suitable for private use at home.

How long is the training?

The course contains 8 hours of learning material, divided into 26 video lessons. Without unnecessary side conversations, only essential knowledge directly from the developer of the PigmentOff-Remover Maria Prieb.

The learning speed according to your wishes and tastes: you can go through all the lessons in one go, do one lesson a day or learn in blocks. Access to the course remains unlocked for 9 months, so you can repeat the lessons as often as you like.

What are the costs?

The price of the online video training is 297.00 Euro net (plus 19% VAT = 353.43 Euro gross).

Individual PigmentOff®-Produkte or a PigmentOff®-Remover-Set can then be purchased in our Online-Shop. All those who have taken our online video course will receive a 20% discount voucher for their first purchase.

Program / Content

Theoretical part

  • Possibilities of the PigmentOff®-Remover method
  • Skin structure / pigments in the skin
  • Types of tattoo removal
  • Tattoo removal by laser
  • Problem associated with laser removal
  • Principles of pigment removal with PigmentOff
  • Content and components of the PigmentOff®-Remover 2.0

Documentation & Technology

  • Contraindications
  • Contract, documentation and photos
  • Treatment procedure with step-by-step instructions
  • Skin regeneration after removal treatments
  • Technique of PMU and microblading removal
  • Precautions; avoiding mistakes
  • Scarring; types of scars

Care & Skin Regeneration

  • Home care products
  • Correct care after removal treatments
  • Complications
  • Time intervals between treatments

Removal examples

  • Before / after picture gallery with comments

Praktika part

  • Commented demonstration of the removal treatments on different zones of the face and body.
  • Close-ups with 2 professional cameras.

Certificate / Diplom

Upon completion of the training, you will be sent a certificate, a folder with examples of all PigmentOff materials and the printed work book (28 pages).


After the training, you can be added to our PigmentOff® support group on Facebook, where the trained colleagues can ask questions and share problems and successes.