PigmentOff & BeautyCase products overview

PigmentOff remover set for removal of permanent make-up & tattoos without laser

The “Pigment Off” remover is a highly effective, modern method for removal of permanent make-up and tattooing pigments from the skin without laser. The treatments are almost painless and harmless. With proper use there is no risk of scarring!
In contrast to the laser, with “Pigment Off” remover you can also remove beige, white, green, blue and any red colors, as the method is completely color-independent.

Skin Protective Liquid – bactericidal cleansing lotion

Skin Protective Liquid is a bactericidal cleaning fluid with a healing effect.

The active ingredients kill off bacteria and fungi and thus counteract any inflammation.

The liquid does not burn on the skin and is therefore highly recommended for cleaning the skin of dirt, dust and possible leakage of the lymph after invasive treatments.

Skin Repair Gel – special care for injured skin after removal treatments on PMU and tattoos

Skin Repair Gel is a special care for injured skin. The gel was developed for the stimulation and support of the healing processes after removal of permanent make-up and tattoos.

The gel has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, helps the skin to restore its damaged protective layer as quickly as possible and has the ability to retain moisture without closing the surface of the skin. The skin can thus “breathe” without giving the microorganisms a chance to multiply and cause any inflammation.

Skin Saver Cream – regenerating home care after permanent make-up and removal of pmu and tattoos

Skin Saver Cream is a special wound-healing cream for home care after cosmetic procedures related with skin damage, such as permanent make-up, microblading and tattoo removal, exfoliating peelings, abrasive procedures, mesotherapy, etc.

Skin Saver Cream:

  • supports the healing and regeneration of the skin;
  • reduces itching, redness and dry skin;
  • protects brittle, cracked skin;
  • improves the water balance of the skin;
  • contains high-quality ceramides for perfect skin barrier protection;
  • accelerates the metabolism in the skin;
  • prevents the formation of scars;
  • perfect for lip care.

Scar Free Gel for scar treatment and prophylaxis of scars

ScarFree Gel is a specially developed product for the treatment of scars and scar-like skin lesions. The gel can soften the existing scar tissue and counteract the possible scarring.

ScarFree Gel has the following characteristics:

  • supports skin regeneration, counteracts scarring,
  • softens and brightens existing scars,
  • spreads collagen fibers evenly in the skin,
  • contains potassium iodide, heparin, onion and licorice extract,
  • paraben and silicone free,
  • ideal after surgery, chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

Rotor device Pigment Off® Atomium® for permanent make-up, tattoos and their removal

Atomium® is the handy and light rotor device for permanent make up, tattooing and the removal of PMU, tattoos and microblading on face and body.

With this all-rounder of the top class, cost-effective and fatigue-free work is possible, both for permanent make-up and tattooing. The precise electronic control and a powerful motor enable the work on the face and whole body, with all skin types. The tried and tested German quality 🇩🇪 speaks for itself!