Advantages of the “Pigment-Off”-remover-technique, compared with other remover-products

What makes the Pigment-Off system different from all other Remover products?

We are frequently asked this question, as more and more new laser-less tattoo and permanent make-up removal products come onto the market.  It becomes increasingly difficult to choose the right method for customers and colleagues.

Our Pigment-Off Removal System has several positive properties. The product is highly effective, removes all colors and pigments, leaves no scars when used professionally, and it provides rapid skin regeneration.

First of all, the Pigment-Off remover has extremely important and unique properties: It is able to bind not only foreign bodies (pigments) but also iron oxides and heavy metal residues to remove them via the skin surface.

The lymph channels are not burdened. The particles of pigments, and in particular any pollutants and heavy metals are not stuck in the lymph nodes.

Thanks to the unique formulation, Pigment-Off emulsion is able to bind to the foreign particles in the skin. The resulting complexes are displaced from the skin to the outside, and leaves the body in a gentle and reliable manner.

A very important feature, is the significant improvement of already damaged skin tissue after Pigment-Off treatments. Often the skin is scarred or solidified by the pigmentation/tattooing, in particular by previous removal attempts (= fibrosis).

Our remover and the accompanying care products are specially adapted to this problem, and therefore cause a significant improvement in the tissue condition. The skin becomes softer, smoother and more receptive to the nourishing substances and/or later re-pigmentation.

Another great feature:  Experience has shown that the hair growth on the eyebrows improves after removal of pigments with Pigment-Off system and subsequent care with our special home care products.

Many customers report that the eyebrow hairs have become denser and longer after the brows have been gently removed from pigments and other foreign substances. This very positive trait has being developed by our biochemists and dermatologists.

We do our best to rid the skin of our customers of unwanted and unsuccessful pigmentation and tattoos and to promote the regeneration of affected skin layers.