PigmentOff® remover-set for removal of permanent make-up & tattoos without laser

The remover set consists of:

  • highly effective PigmentOff-remover 2,0, 10 ml bottle
  • Neutralizer, 10 ml bottle
  • Skin Protective Liquid, 30 ml
  • antibacterial SkinRepair Gel, 10 ml
  • regenerating Skin Saver Cream, 4 x 5 ml
  • ScarFree-Gel, 10 ml

The PigmentOff® remover is a highly effective, modern method of removing permanent make-up and tattooing pigments from the skin without a laser. The treatments are almost painless and harmless. With proper use there is no risk of scarring!
In contrast to the laser, with PigmentOff® remover you can also remove beige, white, green, blue and any red colors, as the method is completely color-independent.

More information about the remover-use and its ingredients can be found in the section “Remover-Infos

You can find more details about ingredients and working components –> here and read how it works –> here.

Only for professional use by trained beauticians. No sale to private individuals!

All ingredients are from controlled European production and meet the highest requirements of the 🇪🇺 EU market. Our products are made and bottled in 🇩🇪 Germany.

Advantages of the innovative PigmentOff®-Remover-method:

  • fast, highly effective, comfortable
  • gentle to the skin, minimally invasive
  • without acids, without laser
  • without scars or inflammations
  • all colors, all pigment types
  • immediately visible results
  • the tattoo age does not matter
  • unique home care products
  • proven “made in Germany” quality!

All Pigment Off products are controlled, are regularly clinically and microbiologically analyzed and registered in the FDA (Food & Drugs Administration USA).

Price netto: € 139,00.
You can order “Pigment-Off”-Set here

We (BeautyCase Cosmetics Ltd.) regularly organize professional trainings and workshops for the removal of Permanent Make Up & Tattoos with PigmentOff Remover. More information about our seminars and workshops can be found here in the section “Trainings”.