Correct care after a tattoo- or permanent make-up removal with PigmentOff®-Remover

Please note: 50% of the treatment success depends on the following care instructions. Your participation is not only desirable, but absolutely necessary! In case of non-observance, inflammation and scarring may occur, as well as slowed healing.

Special care products that you receive from your PigmentOff master:

Day 1 (directly after the treatment)

  • protect the treated area from dust and dirt;
  • avoid contact with clothing / textile;
  • apply Skin Protective Liquid 1️⃣ to clean cotton pads; carefully dab off any emerging lymph. Do not rub!
  • apply a thin layer of Skin Repair Gel 2️⃣ at bedtime.

Days 2 to 4

  • If needed, carefully clean the treated areas with Skin Protective Liquid 1️⃣ (use clean cotton pads);
  • apply a thin layer of Skin Repair Gel 2️⃣ 2-3 times a day;
  • DO NOT apply other ointments or creams!
  • in case of swelling of the treated skin area (especially in the morning) we recommend to take of decongestants (such as Arnica D12 globules or “Bromelain” tablets).

From day 5

  • apply a this layer of Skin Saver Cream 3️⃣ 2-6 times a day;
  • don’t pick or peel off the scab prematurely, it must peel off for itself; don’t let it get soft because of moisture or excessive sweating. Don’t rub it.
  • If necessary, additionally rub in ScarFree Gel 4️⃣ 2 times a day (as a prophylaxis against scar formation or for the treatment of existing scars).

Do not apply cover sticks, fluid make-up cosmetics, powders or similar to the treated area until the crust has dropped off. Otherwise, it can lead to massive inflammation.

Further recommendations:

  • Please only use the care products we have received from your PigmentOff master, as they are specially developed for the skin care after the removal treatment.
  • after the removal treatment on the lips it can possibly lead to a herpes outbreak. If you are prone to herpes, appropriate precautionary measures should be taken.
  • please refrain from swimming, bathing, sunbath, solarium, sauna or facials with steam for 14 days after the treatment
  • Do not allow scrubs / dermabrasion / massages / whitening treatments in the area of removal for min. 30 days.
  • redness in the first few days after crusting is normal, don’t be concerned about it.
  • After crusting, the skin under it often shimmers reddish. This redness is a part of the regeneration process and completely normal. The skin takes on its normal color within a few weeks. It is important to continue to use the Skin Saver Cream 3️⃣ and Scar Free Gel 4️⃣ in this phase to optimally support the regeneration of the skin.
  • 4-6 weeks must pass before the next treatment.