Where and how are PigmentOff® products made?

We are often asked where and under what conditions our PigmentOff® products are manufactured. The question is very legitimate, because nowadays you have to be extremely careful, especially in our permanent make-up industry.

Unfortunately, we also have enough “conscience-free” people who produce their own pigment mixes, narcotics and removers in domestic kitchens and with dubious substances so that they can quickly bite off the lucrative and growing PMU cake. They usually have a serious appearance, but little to no idea what they are doing at all.

Cases of counterfeit product certificates and laboratory tests are also becoming known, and the numerous cases are on the rise.

Illegal pigment mixtures (mostly tattoo ink mixes from bottles of different origins) are smuggled to Europe in suitcases by private travelers, especially from Eastern Europe, and are unofficially offered for sale in numerous WhatsApp and Facebook groups. Now even removers are manufactured from cheap Chinese raw materials and distributed in a similar ways, smuggled into Europe and also be selled. The composition is often unclear.
Analyzes revealed incredible conditions and so it is more than ever necessary to adhere to quality standards and to offer customers the necessary security.

But enough negatives. We at BeautyCase Cosmetics GmbH are not black sheeps and have our products professionally developed, manufactured and tested regularly and carefully!

As standard test laboratory we have chosen one of the best known companies. The BAV Institute in Offenburg has existed for more than 20 years. Around 8,000 product analyzes are carried out here every month in line with the latest technical advances and analysis methods. We entrust these people, whom of course we also got to know personally, to chemical and microbiological testing of our remover and care products, for you and your clients.

Our production facility is located in Germany, which not only makes cooperation much easier, but also our internal controls, since all processes can be adapted and controlled at any time.

This is the only way we can imagine a conscientious appearance on the market.

We can assure our partners and colleagues that the products we offer meet all European standards and approval regulations. We can assure all customers that our products are absolutely harmless and meet the high European hygienic and microbiological standards. A safe, legally correct and health-friendly production process is complicated, cost-intensive and time-consuming. But at the same time very interesting, challenging and fulfilling.

We are not looking for quick solutions for short periods. We rely on stability and the tried and tested 🇩🇪”Made in Germany” quality.